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Interior Designing Course In Dhayari

Interior Designing Course In Dhayari

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Interior designing training offered by VDS combines extensive training for aesthetics with technological expertise to develop professional interior developers that can transform space into a beautiful ambience.

Corporate Training Program

Corporate Training Program

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Join this course and develop your skills for effective working habits in a corporate environment. Get trained in building a positive attitude, interpersonal skills, teamwork, leadership and much more. Complete this course and become a skilled corporate employee, who not only possesses technical hard skills, but these valuable soft skills as well.

Know Everything about Jewellery Design Course and Career

What happens when you bind together your imagination, the exactness of a skilled artist and knowledge of stones and metals? Would you be able to figure the career we are discussing? Yes, you are right. We are going to talk about Jewellery Design Career. Since ancient times women wear accessories and it is greatly loved by them all over the world.

Jewellery Design is the profession of creating Jewellery for various occasions. Growing number of aspirants dream of making jewellery design as a Career. In Jewellery Design Course you are open to learn translating your creativity into reality. A person having diploma or degree in Jewellery Design & development has advanced knowledge and skills.

India has a background of thousands of years culture associated with it and also it is one of the biggest stone processing centre and jewellery manufacturing hub in the world. Jewellery Design Course is designed taking these all things in mind.

Following are types of education format for a career in Jewellery Design:
1) Jewellery Design Course
2) Jewellery Design Diploma
3) Jewellery Design Degree

Eligibility Criteria for Jewellery Design:
For a Degree or certificate course in Jewellery Design, a person should have passed minimum 10+2 or any equivalent program in any stream.
There are also many short term courses available for those who have completed their 10th.For people who are already working, there is option of Crash Course.

The duration for all these courses vary from few months to 2-3 years depending upon the form of course. The knowledge of types of designs, stones, all other material needed for jewellery design and softwares like Photoshop, CorelDraw make the learning easy and more creative.

After completing Jewellery Design Course you can get one of the following roles in organisation or as individual depending on your interest:
>> Trend & Forecast Expert
>> Researcher
>> Design Maker
>> Market Intelligence Expert
>> Quality Expert
>>  Fine Jewellery / Costume Jewellery / Accessory Designer etc.

Classboat team reach to you and give all details regarding The Best Jewellery Design Classes in Pune and are best for you. This Jewellery Design Course enhances your skills and techniques, and are designed for working professionals as well as students who want have a career in modern and creative field. And we are here to help you explore your career with Classboat that provides best in class service. Classboat wishes you all the best for your Career!

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