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Industrial Design Courses

What is Industrial Design?
Designing as a field is a blend of art, creativity, technology, utility, logic, aesthetics, practicability, durability and much more. Of the many fields under designing, the one that is highly relevant to all these words mentioned above is “industrial design”. This is a sub-branch of designing that by definition is applicable to any products that are meant for mass production. Thus, everything from furniture, to machinery, to electronic equipment, all require an industrial designer to be involved in the manufacturing process. They are the ones who talk about the structure, shape, and size of the product, the placing of buttons, doors, height, weight, etc. with the aim to extract maximum utility. Everything related to the function, usability, structure and form, practicability, physical ergonomics, as also marketing, public appeal, and brand development of the product falls in the realm of an industrial designer’s work. Along with this, sustainability and durability of the product or commodity which has become a topic of great attention in today’s quality-focused manufacturing is taken into account.

In this industry-oriented, mass production based work approach, industrial designers are in great demand. Thus, joining a good industrial design course in Mumbai can be your route to the biggest companies. These courses are conducted by some of the most well-recognised institutes in the nation such as IIT Bombay, NID, MIT Institute of Design and other reputed design institutes. The courses cover all the aspects of the job through the syllabus in great detail and allow you to get hands on experience with the help of practicals and assignments. With a reputed industrial design course in Mumbai, be sure to get good placements with six figure packages too!
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