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Rugveda's Abacus Classes

Best Abacus Classes

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When you study the methodology of Abacus program as a whole, you will come to know that PERFORMING ON ABACUS is not possible without development of basic qualities like concentration and visualization power.When these basic qualities / skills are developed among students, these are useful for them not only for maths but for other subjects also.Join our abacus class!


Ensure Your Child's Growth With Mind Activation Classes

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Enroll your child in this mind activation class, so that he/she can reach their full potential. Activating the nerves in your brain via different senses can help in development of the brain. By exploring different methods, like playing the piano, you can activate the left and right, which consequently activates the mid brain, which enhances the person’s sensitivity and learning capacity. Help your child reach their potential with the techniques from this class.