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Kshitij Centre for Yog and Ayurved

Yoga training

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We conduct yoga classes where in we get our students to start with very basic asanas and then gradually get them to get into more advanced poses. These are regular batches aiming to get the students in shape, increasing their flexibility and stamina.Our Yoga therapy sessions aims at offering the best combination of exercises and pranayams to help our patients to reach optimum health physically and emotionally in a environment of peace and happiness.


Yoga Teacher Training Progarm

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Students who have been learning yoga for many years and having a keen interest in taking it up as a vocation can enrol in our Teachers Training Program. The Teachers Training Course gives deep knowledge of yoga philosophy, anatomy and physiology of human as also knowledge of ayurveda principals and diet.The students go through a very intense practical and theorotical training of Yog. This is followed by an internship where in the students assists Yoga teachers in their classes.