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Workshop For Brain Development For Kids

    ★★★★★ ★★★★★

Enroll your children in this brain development class to help them focus better, regardless of the activity they are engaged in. Under the guidance of expert teachers, they will be able to boost your child’s confidence and academic record using various techniques just for kids. Let your children reach their potential with this program.


Demetography Multiple Intelligence Test DMIT

    ★★★★★ ★★★★★

Through this scientific method, discover what talents lay hidden in your child and unleash them. The fingerprint of no two individuals are the same. Many of our psychological and physiological traits are embedded in the nerve endings of our fingers, which are connected to the brain. So by studying the fingerprint, one can determine, the hidden talents that lay within all of us, thereby enabling us to focus on the area we are most suited and naturally inclined to.