Behavioural And Softskills Training Using NLP

Learn About NLP And Develop Your Softskills

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Get trained using scientific methods to reprogram the way your brain responds to situations in this NLP and soft skills training class. Get trained to learn about yourself and the things that are important to you in life. Learn to develop the skills to achieve your goals in your life and career. Discover how to stay cool and calm in stressful and difficult situations and other useful tips and techniques. Reprogram your life by reprogramming your mind.


PSquareM for Team Leads

Pune Station
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The pSquareM workshops are highly experiential learning oriented; it empowers the participants through Unique pSquareM Exercises. These Life Enriching Exercises are developed by our Expert NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Coaches, Certified by Dr. Richard Bandler (Co-founder NLP), Licensed by Society of NLP, USA.


pSquareM Workshop A Formula For Personal and Professional Mastery

Pune Station
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Features of The Workshop are...Immediate Return on Investment due to getting real time results\experience during the workshop itself , Certified licensed trainers (Master Practitioners of Neuro Linguistic Programming - NLP), Creatively involving everyone to be attentive during the workshop and many more...


Personality Development Using Power of Brain

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Personality Development Using Power of Brain is a workshop for teenagers.Teenage is the age where kids start socializing and wanted and unwanted information starts impacting their thoughts and emotions. Hence it is very important to make them aware about reality of life and build their personality from their career perspective.