Robocurious – A Robotics Course for Young Makers Aged 9 n Above [Kalyani Nagar]

Lydnow Training And Innovations LLP
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Robocurious is Lydnow’s basic training module in Automation and Robotics that intends to lay a strong foundation for its participants in electronics, mechanics and physics. From understanding ohm’s law to building their first electronics circuit board, from playing with gears to creating motion, from making their first ever sensor to signaling and running a motor, Robocurious is designed to give children a glimpse of what actually happens inside a robot and what it takes to build one.
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Age : Kids Teens
Average Class Size : 10


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Lydnow's Robotics school is located in Pune, Maharashtra, and has a strong tradition of training children in the age groups of 9 to 11 and 12 to 15 in Robotics and Automation. The Robotics School is part of a larger educational initiative that promotes experiential learning, innovation, and sustainability. The ethos at school is to encourage learning by doing, hands-on investigation, observation, reflection and application. This academic year, 2016-2017, The Robotics School reached its sixth year of training young children in Robotics. It has completed more than 100 batches till date, and through its workshops and courses it has trained over 1500 young learners in Automation and Robotics. The Robotics School offers a basic 14 hour training program in Robotics for children, through 'Robocurious,' its level 1 course which is open to children of the age 9 years and above from any school / educational setting. In addition, the school offers a 56 hour training program in Robotics through its level 2 course 'Robofunda'. This course has a stimulating selection process and is open to the previous participants of Robocurious and children who have attended basis courses in Robotics elsewhere. All participants of Robofunda must be interested in an intensive experience of learning Automation and Robotics The school also offers a 140 hour training program in Robotics through its level 3,4, and 5 courses, 'Robopro1, Robopro2 & Robopro3' which exposes children to designing and basic engineering graphics, solving problem statements, learning coding and programming pertaining to Autonomous Robotics. Through the school's Robotics Club, young learners are offered the choice and chance to specialise in Automation and Robotics with competing, volunteering, and work experience opportunities in the future. Our training programs are currently available at five different locations in Pune including Kalyani Nagar, Kothrud, Pune Camp, Bopodi and Baner.

Age Limit: 9+ yr

Batch Schedule:

No. Of Sessions : 7
No. of Days : 6 Days
Batch Fee : 7198

Batch 1                  
Start Date             23rd April 2018
End Date               28th April 2018
Session Details     Timing – 10am-12PM 

Batch 2                
Start Date             30th April 2018  
End Date               5th May 2018      
Session Details      Timing – 10am-12PM
Batch 3               
Start Date             7th May 2018
End Date               12th May 2018
Session Details     Timing – 10am-12PM

Batch 4  
Start Date              21st May 2018
End Date               26th May 2018
Session Details     Timing – 10am-12PM

Batch 5  
Start Date             28th May 2018
End Date               2nd June 2018
Session Details     Timing – 10am-12PM

Batch 6                  
Start Date             04th June 2018
End Date               09th June 2018
Session Details     Timing – 10am-12PM

Robocurious – A Robotics Course for Young Makers Aged 9 n Above [Kalyani Nagar]
Lydnow Training And Innovations LLP
Artsphere, North Court Building, North Avenue Road Number 12, Near Jogger's Park, Kalyani Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411006 Baner  Pune




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