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A truly useful skill for your child to have. Enroll your child in this speed writing class that will aid them in learning to write shorthand. They need not spend hours writing notes in class, with this speed writing skills under their belt, they can spend time absorbing the lessons, instead of trying to write down everything the teacher is saying.
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Age : Kids
Average Class Size : 10
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BETTER ATTENTION,MEMORY, LEARNING SKILLS, HANDWRITING SKILLS Neural Space™ is a company that is dedicated to helping the young and old, enhance their mental processing speed and capacity in order to achieve their full potential. Licensed by LearningRx, one of the forerunners in Child Enrichment programs in America, Neural Space’s™ ‘BrainRx’ program is backed by the scientific research and proven results.

Duration: 15 days,
Days: Monday- Friday,
Timing: Choose any one hr. between 5 pm-7 pm,
Fees:Rs. 4500 + ST


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