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"IndiaFIRST ROBOTICS- Adv RoboCHAMP" After completing Level 1, students becomes eligible for Level 2 . In this level, students learn electronic components which are important for every machine to develop.More complexity in machines challenges the imagination and creative thinking of the students. Students are introduced to electronics components, circuits and schematic design software. The use of software makes electronics accessible as a creative material for students.
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Age :All Age
Average Class Size : 10
Beginner Intermediate


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IndiaFIRST™ Robotics Academy is a robotics training and research division of Habib Animatos Pvt. Ltd. School students in the age group of 6yrs. to 18yrs. are trained thoroughly by our expert Engineers in Robotics Technology. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) concepts are imbibed in our students to help them understand the school academics and gain meaningful knowledge. We train our students with utmost care to help them understand Electronics, Mechanical, Electrical and Information Technology. Once these youngsters understand the basics of engineering it becomes very exciting for them to make different robotics models, fit the electronics and program them for operations. Our Vast Robotics Curriculum inlcudes:

 6yrs to 10 yrs.:

RoboCHAMP™ - A course filled with fun robotics and STEM learning. Includes robot making our indigenously designed and developed robotic kits. Teaches and demonstrates basics of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering including speed, load, angular movements,  voltage, current, etc. Adv. RoboCHAMP™  - An advance course for youngsters to understand basics of electronics with the help of science projects like rain alarm, automatic traffic control systems, electronic letter box, electronic eye, making of own mobile charger, etc. Introduction to electronic helps youngster to open up to technological side of the machinery which they handle everyday at home, school or society at large. IFR™ Programming – Graphical programming environment is used to teach your child the basic nuances of programming and logic building. It helps their brain to get activated and puts them in thinking mode. Designing games, storyboard helps them to have fun with programming and develop a liking towards technology and subtly develop their logical and analytical thinking.   Creo™ Designing – Creo is an award winning 3D CAD/CAM designing software of PTC, USA which is used in automobile and mechanical industry. With help of CREO™ PTC has developed STEM curriculum for your child to learn product designing of exciting objects like space suit, sports car, aeroplane, motorcycle, etc. to teach usage of geometry and algebra in technology. 

Duration: 30 hrs.
Age group: 8 to 12 yrs.
Fees: 6500/-

Kindly call us or request call back for further details. 

Advance RoboCHAMP Jr. Pro Engineer
Plot No. 11, Vishwesh, Pushpak Park, Cosmopolitan Lane, ITI Road, Near FAB India showroom, Aundh, Pune - 411007 Aundh  Pune




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