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Best Aromatherapy Courses in Mumbai

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Aromatherapy Course In Bandra

Aromatherapy Course In Bandra

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Courses METHOD OF TRAINING PROFESSIONAL COURSE IN BEAUTY CULTURE / BEAUTY THERAPY PROFESSIONAL COURSE IN HAIRDRESSING SKIN PEELING COSMETIC SCIENCE BASIC AND ADVANCED AROMATHERAPY COURSE ADVANCED BEAUTY COURSE HAIR WEAVING AND HAIR BONDING OTHER COURSES OFFERED BY US PROFESSIONAL COURSE IN BEAUTY CULTURE / BEAUTY THERAPY COURSE CONTENTS Professional Make Up: Day, Evening, Bridal, Cosmetic Camouflage, Concealing, Face Contouring, Model, Stage and TV Makeup, Face & Body Painting, Water Proof, Matt, Gold and Arabic Make up. Professional Skin Care and facials: Japanese facial, Thermo Herb Facial, Herbal Facial, Clean-up etc. Preparation of 20 types of face packs with the use of the facial machine. Pimple treatment, ozone, high frequency, care for various types of skin etc. Nails: Manicure, Pedicure, Nail art, Metallic wrap, French manicure, Nail jewellery, Nail Piercing etc. Waxing: Removal of superfluous hair from hands, legs, face and underarms and preparation of wax Threading (eyebrow shaping) and Tweezing Hygiene/Salon Management/Salon Reception Management Personal Hygiene, Sanitation & Sterilization, Consulting & Diagnosing techniques, Client care & Consultation, Professional Ethics, How to deal with clients and to manage a Beauty Salon efficiently. Top PROFESSIONAL COURSE IN HAIRDRESSING COURSE CONTENTS Haircutting: 30 Haircuts – Basic and Advanced (Including practicals on clients). Incorporating different haircutting techniques like One Length Base Line, Graduation, Precision Cutting, Texturizing, Layering, Inverted Layering, Weave Cutting, Reverse Graduation, Cross Graduation, High Graduation, Point Cutting, Slither Cutting, Sliding, Slicing, Scissor Over Comb Technique, Razor Cutting & Clipper Cutting. Hair Styling: Various techniques of Blow drying, Scrunching, Use of Denman brushes, Vent brushes, High Tech Diffuser etc. 50 Hairstyles on Tution Heads & 100 Long Hair styles on Switches and Hair pieces. Preparation of Hairspray. Hair Setting Setting of short & long hair into various styles such as Finger Waving, Pin Curls, Wrap Round and Barrel Curls etc. Use of electrical appliances like Carmen rollers, Crimpler, Tongs, Straighteners, Hot sticks, Spiral Tongs etc. Various types of Roller Setting Setting of Wigs & Hairpieces Hair Straightening and Perming – Temporary & Permanent Perming includes Regular perm, Root perm, Fashion perm, Spiral perm, Molten perm, Double Decker perm, Chopstick perm etc. with the use rof different perming rods and perming techniques. Hair Care Hair disorders & disease, basic techniques of Scalp Manipulation, Treatment for Dandruff, Hair fall Treatment, Oily & Dry Scalp treatment, Split hair, Henna (Mehendi) treatment etc. Use of High Frequency (Ultra Violet Rays) Hair Tinting / Coloring and Highlighting Permanent Hair coloring, Semi Permanent Tints, Temporary Color Rinse, Hair Bleaching, Colour Corrections, Hair Highlighting, Low lighting, global coloring etc. with the use of different Highlighting tools like Peigne Meche, Foil Color Wrap, IP Clip, Clip Meche, Flash Pak etc. and different highlighting techniques. Shampooing / Rinsing Shampooing of hair, Switches, Wigs etc. 9 types of Hair rinses for different types of hair. Top SKIN PEELING The skin peeling course has been carefully planned to give the participants confidence they need in treating the client. With the aim in mind the course is completely practice oriented, thus enabling the participants to actually perform the treatment on the client and broaden the range of services they offer in the salon. Advantages/Usefulness of skin peeling. Treats sun burns, Lightens the skin tone, Improves skin texture, Lightens pigmentation, Cleanses clogged pores, Promotes collagen production, Lighten freckles, Stimulates new cell growth, Reduces production of sebum in oil glands, Regulates moisture, Treats sensitive and dry skin, Melesma or Cholasma, Ageing skin, Skin rejuvenation, Open pores, Inflammation, Oily skin, Pimples (Acne), Rosacea . Top COSMETIC SCIENCE The Cosmetic Science course is meant for those who want to make their own Shampoos, Conditioners, Creams, Lotions etc. and Salon Owners. The students are given practical training so that they are able to prepare all products detailed in the course on their own. Under this course the student learns to make a total of thirty items and formulae of 42 items are given. The Institute provides all the study material. Top BASIC AND ADVANCED AROMATHERAPY COURSE The course teaches the prospective student to have an understanding about the use of essential oils and to gain knowledge of application in aromatherapy massage techniques incorporating the manual lymphatic drainage.The aim of our training is to provide the highest possible level of knowledge and expertise in the field of aromatherapy to facilitate the understanding of the finer points of practical application of aromatherapy to its greatest therapeutic effectiveness along with possible contra-indications and cautions. In short to assist the individual to gain a truly holistic understanding.

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