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Writing Stories That Capture The Heart
I stood in the middle of the road on a day, just like any other. It was not a dark cloudy day nor did it rain, like you see in the movies.  My heart was breaking and it was a beautiful afternoon with the birds singing and sun shining warmly on my face.  Everything about this day, from the outside, seems peaceful and happy, except for the tears I’m holding back because the one person I love more than anything has left me.  We didn’t break up because were never together.  I didn’t plan on falling in love with her, but that’s the thing with life, it throws people and things into your life that you weren’t expecting.  I don’t know why the big man in the sky brought her into my life only to take her out.

I’ll never forget the day I met her.  She was moving across the college campus lawn and I could tell she was in her first year.  Even though she looked lost, her steps were filled with a delicate and subtle confidence.  She was not your conventional beauty, but that was not what attracted you to her. 

 I continued on my way to my literature class.  Few minutes later, the same girl entered the class and sat on the other side of the classroom from me.  Over the next few weeks she seemed to be everywhere, not that she knew who I was.  But, maybe I was just aware of her.   Our chance first meeting happened in the campus cafeteria on a day just like any other, but a day neither of us would forget. 

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