Windows, Macintosh, Linux & Unix Operating Systems Posted By Amit

Windows, Macintosh, Linux & Unix Operating Systems
So, there I was sitting at my computer a few days ago, typing up my blog to post and all of a sudden my computer freezes. No big deal, it happens often.  My computer, it seems also needs its afternoon coffee. So I wait for it to unfreeze, so I can resume working. But then the unthinkable happens.  
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A little sad face comes on the screen and it says, “Oops, something seems to be wrong. Your computer needs to be restarted. Please wait”.  At this point, I am hoping everything is ok. I wait for it restart and it does, it restarts and I breathe a breath that I didn’t know I was holding.  Then the cursor starts blinking and now I am fully worried. The screen starts flashing, “insert boot media”.   I have no clue what happened or what boot media even means.  So, I call the tech support and I am met with a customer sales rep, who starts speaking in jargon I do not understand.  I explain to her patiently that I have no idea what she is saying and to speak in normal terms, even though I am in complete freak out mode and ready to scream at her.  She walks me through steps, asking me about things I have no idea about and proves to be a useless support technician.  She then proceeds to tell me that a technician will need to come or I can take it to a shop to have it fixed and the charges related, which are by no means cheap.  
I got to the office, the next day and my friend tells me that my hard drive has crashed and all I need to do is re-install windows and it should fix the problem. So, here I am writing blogs again, after re-installing the Windows Operating System on my computer.  The most popular operating system that many know about is Windows and Mac.  But there are other better OS’s that anybody in the tech field will tell you about, which are more preferable to Windows or Mac.  Linux and Unix are two such operating systems that are preferred for their enhanced security features. You can learn these at linux classes in pune and unix classes in pune. Many companies use Linux and Unix servers in their back end.  These two less known OS’s are completely different from the well-known Windows and Mac.  But, if you are choosing to enter into the field of technology and computers, then learning about Operating Systems and the variables between these four will be beneficial to you.  Browse more linux classes in pune on

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