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Why You Should Never Play The Piano
Have you ever heard a piece of music so beautiful that it made you cry?  Anyone can learn how to play the piano, but to be a great pianist is something entirely different.  The greatest musicians of all time will agree that you can play a piece that is technically sound and correct, but it is dead music if you do not pour yourself into it.  It is that bit of yourself that you pour into it that makes it great music, and awakens the same feeling, in the audience, that you are trying to convey to and connect with through music.
How else can you explain the greats such as Mozart and Beethoven?  They didn’t just make music, they told stories; emotionally powerful stories that could not be said in words.  If you have ever gone to a concert and heard the piano player, you will know what I am referring to.  A true musician disappears when he/she plays and all you see and hear is the music that is being played.  The range of emotions they can invoke within you is truly magical.  Book a demo class at piano classes in pune.
The piano is one of the most popular instruments that many strive to learn.  This instrument, that is capable of telling powerful stories, is often chosen as a central theme in many Hollywood movies, such as The Piano, The Last Song, The Pianist, The Piano Teacher and hundreds more.  An instrument that you can only master when you begin to understand that it is the music that plays you, not the other way around.  By starting your journey to becoming a talented pianist, with https://www.classboat.com/music/piano-classes-pune piano classes in pune, you can learn the basics and the technical aspects.  But as your piano teacher will tell you, it is not you who chooses to play the piano, but the piano that speaks through your fingers.  So, if you are ready to lose yourself in the music, then start taking piano lessons and dedicate yourself to learning everything you can.  Then once you have learned all the rules to playing the piano, break those rules and play with your heart.  That is when you will discover the secret that Beethoven and Mozart instinctively knew.  
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