Why Fans Are Flocking To See Rajnikanth’s Kabali? Posted By Annalakshmi

Why Fans Are Flocking To See Rajnikanth’s Kabali?
The much awaited Rajnikanth’s Kabali is being released and the excitement can be felt in the air. Avid fans line up to get tickets that get sold out within minutes for exorbitant prices.  The success of Rajni’s rise to superstar status is due to two main factors.  First, his own style, which he brings to the roles he plays and two, great stories that appeal to everyone, where the good guy defeats the bad guy and gets the girl.  
The success of any movie depends on the weaving of a great story involving real characters with some dramatic masala magic.  The key players involved in making a movie great include, the scriptwriter, the director, choreographer (Indian films), songs and the actor and actresses in the movie.  Take, for example, our famous and beloved Rajnikanth, whose tickets get sold out within out minutes, without any reviews or anyone having seen the movie.  Every producer knows banking on Rajnikanth’s film is a guaranteed money back return.  Even in Hollywood, Will Smith’s movie Wild Wild West had phenomenal success at the box office, solely based on the popularity of the actor. He later reported in interviews, how bad he felt, because the story line was not that great, for it to have done so well at the box office, purely on his name.  So it doesn’t seem to matter if the story is great or not because some actors seem to have a magic quality that makes audiences rush to the theaters and see their films.  
So, what makes some actors more loveable than others?  You can copy your idols and try to replicate their style and flair, but you can never reach to their success level, by trying to imitate them.  You can take acting classes and learn how to be a great actor, which is necessary.  Learning to act in classes will give you the confidence to take the next step in pursuing your path to stardom.  You will meet other students whom you can lean on for support and encouragement, as it is a competitive field and not everyone will make it.  So, the best option you have available, after taking your classes and having friends to encourage you, is to you is to discover you own unique talent.  A talent that will make audiences fall in love with you and see your movies, regardless of the story or director or anything else involved.  India’s Rajnikanth definitely has his own style, which is the reason he has acquired such a large fan base around the world.  Hollywood’s Will Smith, has achieved his popularity with his witty humor.  So, what is your own unique style and talent that will draw audiences to the theater to see your movies?  

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