What You Need To Know To Not Die While Rock Climbing Posted By Amit

What You Need To Know To Not Die While Rock Climbing
Here I am about to write about rock climbing and I started wondering if the guys who climbed Everest are rock climbers.  So, I asked my husband and he said that, that was mountain climbing and I was like “difference??”.  So, I googled it and although a bit confusing and there seems to be a gray area, rock climbing is apparently a subcategory of mountain climbing, since mountaineers have to face rock when climbing. Rock climbing only requires you to scale rocks or to climb to a certain peak, whereas mountain climbing requires you to scale the whole mountain.  
So, that explanation did little to solve my doubt and I now I am wondering whether the rock climbing Tom Cruise does in Mission Impossible is rock climbing or mountain climbing?  Nevertheless, it seems to be the kind of sport for the extreme sports enthusiast.  A hobby that requires you to be in excellent shape and one that definitely requires some formal lessons or training so that you know what you are doing when you venture out in the world and decide to hang upside down on a rock formation, for example.  
Unlike mountaineering where you have pick axes or ladders, in rock climbing, all you have is your hands and feet to scale the wall of rock.  So, there are some things that are essential for every rock climber to have:
  • The proper shoes – Your regular shoes won’t do and you won’t be able to do much of any climbing.  Make sure you get shoes that fit properly with plenty of wiggle room.  
  • Chalk or Chalk Bag – Essential because as you are climbing, your hands will get sweaty and you need to able to get a firm grip.  You can buy either loose chalk or a ball of chalk, depending on your preferences.
  • Harness – To clip all your gear to and wear outside of your pants or shorts
  • Climbing Rope – The most important and also the most expensive.  You need to make sure you buy climbing ropes as they are made to stretch.  
  • A Friend – Climbing alone is a very dangerous thing unless you want to be stuck under a rock for 127 hours, like in the movie.  A friend can help you out in case of any injuries and you can take care of each other during the climb
So, these are just some of the things, you will need to start your adventures in rock climbing. So join a class and learn to scale a rock wall before you decide to set out to climb out in the world.  These classes will teach you the basics so that you come out of your adventure alive and only a little scathed.  Once you get the go-ahead from your rock climbing instructor, then you are ready to set out and find a mountain to scale.  Enjoy your adventure and remember to be safe and to take a friend along with you.          

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