What Will You Discover By Practising Pranayama? Posted By Sajeela

What Will You Discover By Practising Pranayama?
The simple act of the breath going in and out is something we take for granted.  Have you ever thought about it?  Or wondered did I breathe properly just now?  Imagine if your breathing was in your control.  Would you forget to breathe, with all the things you have to do?  What about when you are sleeping?  Imagine if the ability to control your breath was in your hands, perhaps you would not wake up the next morning. Book a demo class at pranayama classes in pune on classboat.com
A simple act, breathing, but if it stops, then we are no more.  So much of how we are feeling can be learned by watching our breath.  The next time you are angry, just pay attention to the depth and speed of your breathing.  Is it deeper or shallow?  Is it faster or slower?  By becoming aware of our breathing, we can learn so much about ourselves, thus enabling us to have more control over our lives, because the only thing in our control in this world is ourselves. 

If so much of who we are is reliant on our breath, then how can learning about our breath and changing it help us or can it? 

For centuries, sages have known about Pranayama and have taught it to all their disciples. 

Why is pranayama important and how does it benefit us? 

Perhaps you have heard from friends or family, that whenever you feel yourself getting carried away in an emotion, such as anger or fear or even love, just take a minute and count backward from ten. 

Why are we told to do this? 

The simple act of counting backward from 10 – 0, will calm us down and slow our breathing to a normal level, enabling us to think clearly and see clearly what we are feeling.  Better still, if we can postpone whatever initial reactions that come up in situations for even a night or day, you will find that your response will be drastically different from you original reaction. The reason is because you simply took the time to calm down.  How did you calm down?  The answer is, of course, easy, your breathing slowed down and became deeper, just as when we sleep. When we are in this relaxed state, we naturally see things clearer and are able to respond and not react.  That is the foundations of pranayama, becoming aware of your own breath and changing it.  Reap the all these benefits in pranayama classes in pune.
By practicing pranayama, you will breathe out the negative energies that are stored in your body and replace it with fresh clean air, which will make you feel more relaxed and clearer.  So, take advantage of the knowledge that belongs to this land and make a better life for yourself, by learning to know yourself.  What could be simpler than watching the breath and letting it reveal the secret to discovering yourself?    

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