What Are The Benefits Of Having A Personal Trainer? Posted By Mayuri

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Personal Trainer?
How many times have you made the New Year’s resolution to start exercising?  You probably even went to your local gym and bought a membership, which you probably religiously used for the first couple of weeks and then slowly your enthusiasm started dying out and your trips to your local gym started declining.  But what if you had somebody cheering you on, not just family and friends because while they may love you, they won’t be able to push you the way need.  So, who do you put in your corner that will make sure you follow through with your fitness goals?
If you have ever found yourself in a gym, you will know about personal trainers.  Personal trainers are fitness professionals who can prescribe an exercise regime, specifically designed to meet your fitness goals, just a like a doctor would prescribe medicines accordingly to your sickness.  
I once had a friend who hired a personal trainer to help her lose weight. She had tried to lose weight on her own, but could never motivate herself to follow thru with her fitness routine daily.  The personal trainer was not inexpensive. My friend paid quite a bit of money, to a highly recommended personal trainer.  Her personal trainer, designed workouts designed for her specific fitness goals and even outlined a nutrition plan for her to follow.  Within six months, my friend lost 4 inches off her waist.  It was not an easy six months and there were days when my friend was feeling lazy and didn’t want to exercise, but because she had hired a trainer, she had to.  Her personal trainer made sure to push her when she needed it.  She was supportive, encouraging and motivated her by reminding her of her goals. 
Becoming a personal trainer is a rewarding career both financially and emotionally.  But becoming a personal trainer means practicing what you preach. So unless you are already a fitness buff and enthusiast, it is not a career path for you.  But for those who love to exercise and want to help others find the satisfaction and joy they have from not only losing weight but also from simply exercising, then this career path is perfect for you.  Whether you choose to join a gym and become a personal trainer or open your own business and freelance, becoming a personal trainer is as easy as 1,2,3.  Firstly, get certified and choose an area of specialization.  Attend the classes to get your certification and you are ready to join a gym or start consulting on your own.  A rewarding career where you get to be part of creating changes in people, which can be seen.      

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