Volleyball – A Sport To Run To Posted By Sajeela

Volleyball – A Sport To Run To
If you are amongst the millions of people who have seen the movie, Twilight, then you will have an idea of what I am talking about.  The scene where Bella is in gym class and hits the volleyball onto Mike Newton’s head, which she profusely apologizes for, that, is me.  Volleyball requires some amount of hand-eye coordination and upper body strength, especially your hands, fingers, and palms.  
When I was younger, I hated gym class.  I wasn’t very fond of sports and still am not a fan of anything sports related.  I could never volley the ball over the net or serve it with such force that the ball flew to the other side.  So, volleyball classes in pune  were something I dreaded.  But it is a sport loved by many, which can be played, indoors, at the park or even at the beach.  A sport many turn to as a way to pour out their frustrations and anger from the stress in their lives.  Nothing feels better than hitting a ball hard with the force of your anger.  It is a great stress buster.  But it is also a great way to enjoy your day at the beach, as you see in many movies, for example.  A day at the beach, with the cool tide rolling in and the feel of the grainy and wet sand at your feet, as you spend an afternoon with your friends playing volleyball.   But in order to experience this joy of playing volleyball on the beach, you need to know how to play the sport first.
Volleyball is a hobby, that is growing in popularity and to meet this increase in demand for this sport, there are classes that have started to teach you the game.  By enrolling in a volleyball class, you can build your skill and learn the techniques for volleying the ball when it approaches, instead of running away from it, like I did.  There are thousands of things we can learn and enjoy in this short life, so take advantage of what you have available to you to make sure your life is filled with happiness, laughter, and friends.  Friends, with whom you can enjoy a game of volleyball with at the beach on a warm summer day. 

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