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The Majestic Sport Of Horse Riding
If you are a fan of Jane Austen, then you are familiar with the famous Mr. Darcy of Pride n Prejudice.  The elegance and sophistication of Mr.Darcy, sitting on his horse, with an air of aristocracy had made many women swoon.  Horse riding, the sport of it, is one that hasn’t changed over the years.  A horse remains a horse and the way one rides a horse is still the same. With the exception of women, who no longer have to ride side saddle and wear uncomfortable dresses.  
Before the 20th century, having a horse was a symbol of status in society.  Since many people could not afford horses, they preferred to walk.  A man or woman on a horse meant he/she came from money.  In fact, going through Jane Austen’s novels you will find all the heroes are wealthy and own horses.  The depiction of the hero riding in on a horse as majestic as the handsome hero.  Today, however, you can own a good-natured trail horse for as low $5000 USD, compared to a thoroughbred which costs over $100000.  But learning to ride a horse is affordable to all those who want to learn this ancient sport, which builds an unbreakable bond between horse and man.  
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  1. If you are planning on learning to ride a horse, here’s a look at what you will need to learn before you become an expert rider racing through the country on your horse:
  2. Before you begin riding learn to make a connection with your horse
  3. Learn how to saddle your horse
  4. Mounting your horse now that you have established a connection and saddled her up.  
  5. Don’t start riding, learn to walk with your horse so that you can become comfortable with the feeling of riding a horse.  
  6. Take it slow and easy in a nice trot to build your confidence level
  7. Learn safety precautions for when you start riding on your own, especially in the dark.  
  8. Extra riding skills
  9. After your ride, learn to dismount and take care of your horse. 
Once you learn the basics of horse riding and are familiar with your horse, then it is time to feel the wind in your hair, as you race through the open air on your horse and discover the freedom of travelling on a horse, compared to a boxed in car, that people have enjoyed for hundreds of years.  Find horse riding classes in pune on

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