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The Latest Breaking News From Journalists
When I was in high school, I worked on the school newspaper.  I was not part of the paper for very long, just one year.  But it was an experience for me filled with lessons.  Being a journalist and reporting the latest breaking news is an adventure on its own. Interested in making career in Journalism, visit journalism courses in pune and journalism courses in Mumbai.
When I was on the school paper, we would have to keep our ears open to the events happening around in our school and neighborhood, so that we could conduct interviews and report them for the school paper, which was released every month.  I joined the paper because my English teacher felt I had a hidden potential as a journalist. He wanted me to explore it, to see if it was something I would like to pursue, as my future career.  
So, I would go around the school, attending sports competitions, games, music concerts, plays put on by the drama club and any other school related activities.  I would interview fellow students and write fun pieces for the newspaper.  It was after all just a high school paper.  I enjoyed it, but it was not something I wished to pursue, for I did not want to keep hunting for stories to write.      
But for those individuals, who need a job where they are not performing routine tasks, sitting in a cubicle in an office, journalism might be a possible career track.  A job that is filled with unknown possibilities, since you have to explore the city and always keep up with the events around the world, so that you can report the news happening around your area and the world, in a perspective and viewpoint that is uniquely yours, while maintaining the facts.  Many journalists, in the past, have reported on critical social issues that needed to be heard, thereby changing the society and world at large.  It is a career that can be fulfilling and rewarding, as you get to be on the ground level of bringing about changes to the society and the world.  Enroll in journalism courses in pune
So, embarking in the field of journalism is perfect if an exciting career is what you seek.  There are good  journalism institutes in pune , from which you can learn how to be a journalist. so that you can report the news correctly and effectively.  A career where you get the opportunity to be one of the few individuals that have a chance at creating changes to the society and the world at large.    

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