The Difference Between Being Spiritual And Religious Posted By Nivedita

The Difference Between Being Spiritual And Religious
The person who prays daily, goes to the temple daily, does puja’s and gives offerings to God, this is your religious man.  This same person, after performing all these religious things, goes outside and perhaps treats his servant badly, with no respect or treats an animal badly or any other ugly type of behavior.  I have seen people who claim to be religious and within moments treat another human in a disrespectful manner.  What makes one human being different from another human being?  
This is the land where meditation was born.  A country that has seen many ordinary people become enlightened, who have tried relentlessly to share their truth with the common man, many of whom have still not heard the message.  Instead, we pray to a God, asking for money, power, etc in return for offerings.  When did God start accepting bribes?  Who said that this was the right way to even pray?
In ancient times, people gave offerings to God, out of feelings of gratefulness and thankfulness.  Today, how many actually go to the temple to say thanks to their God.  A person who sees God in their daily life and is thankful for the many little blessings they receive is truly spiritual.  Somebody who can see the good in everybody they meet and treats them with kindness and respect, as a fellow human being, is someone who has discovered that Godliness exists in each one of us.  But you won’t discover this divine insight by praying to god and trying to bribe him into giving you what you want or performing elaborate pujas. 

So, how do you discover God or Godliness in everyday life?

We are fortunate to be born in the land of spirituality and meditation. A land filled with the meditative vibe of enlightened masters who have filled this country with their energy, of truth and silence.  This is the land where yoga, meditation, pranayama and garbh sanskar was born.  We have the secrets to living a truly blissful life embedded deep within us, by simply being born of this earth.  So, discover what the rest of the world is flocking to India for, by starting your journey towards spiritualism by taking a class in yoga, pranayama or meditation.   Light the spark that will awaken the thirst for the truth within you, making you a truly spiritual person, full of love, kindness, and compassion for everything that is on this planet.  

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