Take Your First Steps For The First Time Again Posted By Sajeela

Take Your First Steps For The First Time Again
The first time I put on a pair of roller skates, I was ten years old.  I was terrified in the beginning, but as all children, the fear was quickly replaced by the thrill of skating.  I had those old type of roller skates, which had four wheels, two on each side.  Unlike the roller blades today, which have four wheels all inline, also called inline skates.  But regardless, of the changes in skates overtime, the one thing that remains the same is the thrill of roller skating/blading.
When I first started, I would hang onto the side of the ring wall, as I learned to maneuver and balance myself on roller skates.  Once, I started to feel comfortable, I slowly started skating a little away from the wall and of course, like anything you start, I fell a few times.  But that did not scare me, and soon I was flying by on my skates. I can still remember flying around the rink in less than a minute. I would zoom by over and over again and I remember the feel of the wind in my hair as I flew.  It was absolutely exhilarating.  I’ve also been to roller rinks that play music and I soon found myself being able to dance on skates as well. 
The roller rink, we used to frequent often, when I was a kid, was a popular place for both kids and adults.  You would find many people in various stages, of learning to roller skate.  People of all ages gathered at the roller rink, all with one goal, to learn to skate and have as much fun as possible.  And we did, we learned and then we had fun.  We often would skate in pairs of 3 or 4 or sometimes even 5.  We would join hands and circle around the rink at great speeds.  This was, even more, fun since you had to keep up with the rest of the group speed.  I will never forget these fun memories from my childhood years spent roller skating.
Today, I see a few kids roller skating around my neighborhood and I can taste the fun they are having and experiencing.  I know exactly the kind of thrill they must be feeling and the joy of flying around at great speeds, which can only come with confidence and skill.  Anybody looking at entering this fun hobby sport, can do so easily today, as there are classes with qualified instructors who can teach you how to skate and build your skill so that you too can experience the thrill of the speed.  Whether you are signing up your child or want to learn yourself, so that you too can experience being a child again, roller skating is a fun sport and hobby for all to practice.  So, just as you learned to walk as a baby put on a pair of skates and learn to walk once again, but his time on wheels. 

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