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Success vs. Failure – Developing Your Leadership Skills
We have all worked for or are perhaps working for, at present, for a boss whose idea of communication is yelling at you to get the task done. And even then he/she will find some fault or simply grunt and go away without thanks or a word of appreciation since you were hired to do the work anyways.  This type of managerial style is getting thrown out and being replaced with a more friendly and positive leadership.  So that, if you do belong to this dinosaur method of leadership, you will find your business is sinking and employees leaving to brighter pastures. 

The age of micro management, working your employees to the bone, yelling at them, disrespecting your employees and not appreciating them as human beings are fast declining.  It is being replaced with leaders who are motivators and a “friendly boss”. A boss you can easily talk to and raise your concerns, without fear of reprimand.  An easy example of the changing work environment can be seen in successful corporations, such as Microsoft, Google or Facebook.  The employees here definitely have their work cut out for them and extra hours are a guaranteed must during project deadline times.  But you will find many of these employees happy in their jobs because they are treated with respect and given every means to promote their well-being and happiness.  These giant corporations take the steps to ensure their employees are happy by giving them facilities such as games rooms, a gym to workout in, food carts, lounges to nap in, to name a few.  Moreover, more and more managers are no longer someone whom an employee fears, but rather the friendly boss, to whom you can share your concerns with and raise any difficulties you may be facing.  
This change in the business world is mainly due to the change in leadership styles. More and more companies are sending out their managers and key players to leadership training classes so that they can learn how to keep the employees happy and motivate them positively with encouragement and appreciation.  Learning this new type of leadership is the key in today’s business world between success and failure.  If you have a business, whether it is small, medium or large, the success of it will be dependent on the leadership style you opt for.  Happy employees will increase productivity, boost morale and promote employee loyalty.  This change in method of leadership is one that seems to be common sense since when has anyone ever performed at their best when they were unhappy and unjustly treated.  Happy employees that are treated with respect, will happily do the work, minimizing errors and improving productivity. 
So, if you haven’t already sent your managers to a leadership class, or if you are a business owner, it is time to enrol in leadership classes. Because if you don’t the chances of your failure is more likely if do not change with the times and learn to lead your team with a positive and encouraging attitude.  Become a motivating leader that is easy to work for instead of one that people hate to work for.  

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