Life Is Too Short To Wear Boring Jewelry Posted By Satyavati

Life Is Too Short To Wear Boring Jewelry
One of the many activities during a wedding is finding the perfect jewelry set to wear.  My mother and I visited many jewelry shops to find the perfect set that I liked best.  But, being as I have very specific tastes, I could not find one that I LOVED.  So, a person at one of the shops told us we could give them the design we want and they would custom make it for us.  It was a miracle.  My problem was solved. So, we sat down with the designer at the shop and designed something specific to my tastes and as unique as me.  I still have my wedding jewelry set, that I bought several years ago and it is still my favorite piece of jewelry that I take out to wear during holidays/celebrations.  
Jewelry design is a very profitable business.  I know several foreigners who come to India yearly to buy precious stones, gems, silver and gold.  They buy these things for a fraction of the cost and then design them according to their visions and take them abroad and sell them for nearly 10x their original cost.  But you don’t have to be a foreigner to make a nice profit.  By taking jewellery designing courses in pune and learning about designing, laying of stones n gems and special cuts, etc. you can also start your own business as a jewelry designer.  This jewellery designing courses in pune will help you if you have a love for designing, can now be turned into a successful business.  All you need first is to develop your skill and then simply set up a website online, and cater to foreigners and foreign markets that are eager and ready to buy your exquisite and unique pieces of Indian jewelry.  So, just as my friends, who learned how to design and create jewelry in jewellery designing courses in pune.  The only thing you have to do initially is to leave your home to go to the jewellery designing courses in pune so that you can learn this trade and then start selling to the global market.  Exciting isn’t it?  

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