Learning The Art Of Living Has Never Been More Necessary Posted By Annalakshmi

Learning The Art Of Living Has Never Been More Necessary
The past two decades has gone through phenomenal changes of such significance that it leaves one feeling unsure and afraid for their future.  The devastating news reports on TV n print media have all been about terrorist attacks and natural disasters.  Living in such troubling times leaves one trying to grasp any sense of security and peace they can find.  But how do we bring peace and relaxation into our lives?
Such tumultuous times creates the need for ways for one to relax and to bring some sense of security and happiness in one’s life.  The rise in classes such as yoga, the art of living, meditation, etc. have never been more dramatic.  It is a logical sense of movement from the people in our society to turn to different places for answers.  We have no control of what happens in the world, but we are definitely in control of what happens in our lives.  We can take advantage of what is available, so that we live peacefully, with love and laughter in our lives.  This positive outlook and attitude in life is the key to bringing about the change needed in such a violent world.  By being calm and relaxed and happy, this energy that you exude, will reach out and affect those around you. A ripple effect of happiness, love and joy.  So, how do we bring this change within us first, so that it may spread around those closest to us and through them further out into the world?
As I mentioned above, the rise in classes such as the art of living, meditation, stress n life management, happiness workshops, etc has been increasing.  By attending these classes, you can learn to connect with yourself, by learning about yourself, because only when you know about yourself, will you be in control of your actions and reactions.  Knowing yourself means unlocking the secret to the question that crosses our mind “why did I do that?”.  We find ourselves often in situations that we leave us puzzled because we can’t seem to understand how we placed ourselves in such a situation in the first place.  Becoming aware of our feelings, our strengths, weaknesses, our values, and goals, we can arrange our life in a manner that is suitable for us in ways which leaves maximum room for happiness and love.  Becoming aware of oneself does not mean you will never find yourself in a tough or difficult situation, rather, you will have the tools of responding to those situations, which will leave you and the other parties, with a mutually agreed upon solution.  This kind of outcome is much more positive.  By transforming potential negative situations into positive ones, all parties involved will leave happily, thereby extending the ripple effect of happiness, whereas in the past it was the ripple effect of negativity.  
Such small changes within us and our daily lives are what will contribute to living a happier, peaceful and relaxed life.  So,enrolling in classes designed to make our lives easier seems to be the best thing to do. After all, what is wrong in reaching out for help to those who are there to help us, to live a better life?  Seeking help when it is needed is perhaps the wisest thing you will ever do.  

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S. Ekambaram
S. Ekambaram17 July 2016
Anna Lakshmi blog was insightful, motivating and it applies to any one in life. Well said. All the best.