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Learn To Play Chess Like Bobby Fischer
The picture of old retired men sitting on the park benches playing chess is heart-warming to see.  The camaraderie, funny banter, and egging each other on while silently strategizing in their minds for their next moves.  Chess is something that everyone can learn to play, whether you play well or not depends on your ability to strategize.  Unless, you are like Bobby Fischer, who was born with a natural ability for playing Chess.  A child prodigy.
The game of chess is all about strategy.  The aim of which is to capture the opponent’s king.  The type of people who excel at Chess are more heavily right brained and have a heightened talent for critical thinking, problem-solving and strategizing.   They have the ability to see several moves ahead to determine the best course of action that will ensure their victory in the game.  Anyone can learn to play chess.  The rules are simple and easy to follow.  But the ability to play well is entirely dependent on either having a natural talent for logical thinking or developing it by playing this game. Book a demo class at chess classes in pune on classboat.com
The main objective of the game is to check your opponent’s king or checkmate him, which means that no matter how your opponent moves his king, he will lose, thereby ending the game.  While it is the captured king that ends the game, the king is the weakest piece.  The queen is the most powerful piece on the board because she can move in any one direction.  Learn all the challenging moves in chess classes in pune.
The game of chess ends in one of two ways, there is a checkmate or if the players decide to call it a draw, which can happen in any one of the following ways:
  • The king is not in check, but there are no legal moves left
  • Players agree to draw
  • Not enough pieces to force checkmate
  • If the same move is repeated more than 3 times(though 3 moves are not set in stone)

While learning to play chess and developing a talent for playing it can either be overwhelming or a welcome challenge, it is a great sport for the mind to engage in.  You can spend your rainy days inside playing a game of chess with your family or friends or spend a quiet evening at home with your spouse playing this game, instead of sitting in front of the TV and killing your brain cells. Activate your mind and build your skills for problem solving and critical thinking with the game of chess. Who knows you might have a natural ability for it, as the chess legend, Bobby Fischer. Get the best training in chess classes in pune.
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