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Learn To Not Fight With Martial Arts
Whether you have seen the original Karate Kid movies or the newly released one with Jaden Smith, son of the famous actor Will Smith, you are familiar with the term Martial Arts and what it implies.  Just like in the movie, it involves training oneself for combat, but not inviting conflict.  Martial arts is not just karate, as many people believe it to be. There are several types of martial arts that one can take either for self defence, competition or physical fitness.  
Much of the martial arts we are familiar with today, spread from India to China because of the spread of Buddhism by Bodhidharma, who heavily influenced Shaolin Kungfu.  Learning martial arts in a class will teach you how to defend yourself if you ever find yourself in a tough situation.  But the art itself is not one of violence, but rather staying centered in oneself and being balanced, which the Karate Kid movies portray beautifully.   There are several types of martial arts, some of which are listed below, you can choose to learn:
  • Judo – Unarmed combat to train the body and mind using holds to unbalance the opponent
  • Karate – An oriental unarmed combat using the hands and feet to deliver and block blows
  • Aikido –  A Japanese form of martial arts using locks, holds, throws and manipulating the opponents’ movements against themselves.
  • Taekwondo – The oldest form of martial arts, dating back 2000 years, originating in Korea
  • Jiu Jitsu  – A Brazilian combat sport that teaches smaller person to defend oneself against a larger one. 
As you can see, most of the forms of martial arts are about practicing self defense, not instigating violence or attacks.  With the world in such disarray and violence becoming more and more common, which we read about in the newspaper, hear about on the radio and see on the news, it is becoming necessary to take the precautionary steps of protecting oneself.  So, learning martial arts, by enrolling in a class, will prepare you to defend yourself, if you ever find yourself in an unsafe situation.  Moreover, taking a martial arts class will give you a chance to vent out your frustrations and tensions of the day, leaving you feeling fresher and relaxed by the end of the class.  Enrolling in a martial arts class will be the smartest decision you will make because if life does knock you down, then you can choose to get back up.  

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