Learn GarbhSanskar To Welcome Your Precious Gift Posted By Lily

Learn GarbhSanskar To Welcome  Your Precious Gift
There is a saying, that the sins of the parents get transferred to the child.  This seems wholly unfair to me.  Why should my parent's sins transfer to me?  But that is the saying and perhaps it exists to make sure you live a good life, free of sins.  The scientific community is only just now beginning to understand how the feelings and thoughts of the mother affect the baby in the womb.  But for centuries this has been known in India, the birthplace of Garbh Sanskar.  
Education of the womb is the dictionary definition of Garbh Sanskar.  It means that while the mother is pregnant with her unborn child, whatever thoughts and feelings she has, gets transferred to the child and it becomes a part of the character and personality of the unborn child.  So, naturally, every good parent will want to make sure that their child develops positive traits.  This is why in every family, in India, everyone makes sure that the mother stays happy during the pregnancy, avoids certain foods, and avoids seeing or hearing unpleasant things.  For example, I remember when my mother was pregnant with my baby brother, she would listen to music and in recent years, it has been proven scientifically that music plays a significant role in the development of the child’s brain.    
Garbh Sanskar is not only taking care of oneself during the pregnancy, but also the moods and feelings of both parents before conception even begins.  In garbh sanskar classes, three months prior to conception, both parents can learn to detoxify their mind and body so that during conception there are no ill causing or negative traits passed through.  During the pregnancy, it is a good idea to talk to your baby, not just to form bonds between mother and child, but also your baby when born, will be more alert, confident and content.  In g arbh sanskar classes you will also learn about the benefits of music, reading, eating healthily, doing yoga, meditation and much more.  All of which will enable you to give birth to a baby that is physically and emotionally well developed.  By taking part in garbh sanskar classes starting from before conception and throughout the stages of pregnancy, you are making a choice, a responsible choice, of bringing a child into this world with the awareness that raising a child is no easy task and that it should be taken seriously for it is a gift.  A gift, you are grateful for and will love unconditionally.  

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