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Learn “All That Jazz” Dance
The movie Chicago, which was released in 2002, is a remake of the famous Broadway play.  The movie is based on Jazz.  The jazz dances and music in the movie and play are stunning to see.  The character expressions that bursts through the dance are awe-inspiring.  The fancy footwork and movement of the body leaves one wanting to learn how to dance in such expressive ways.  
Jazz dance, which has its origins in African-American, came to exist early in the 20th century and continued in popularity till the 50’s. The dance, which was originally designed to entertain, has blended with various other forms of dance, such as ballet and contemporary, making Jazz dance truly unique, today.  This form of dance is highly individualized as it allows for personal expression.  The showmanship which this dance consists of permits room for creativity in your dance steps and moves by incorporating various styles of dance.  A dance that is fun and energetic, with fancy footwork, big leaps, and quick body turns.  Jazz dancing also gives your body a complete workout and increases your strength and flexibility.  Entering into learning this type of dance and developing your talent for it, requires you to already have a strong background in dance, since jazz dancing requires a flexibility and strength to perform the steps and moves.  But if you simply want to learn for fun, as a hobby, then there can be no other type of dance that you will have more fun in than in Jazz dance.   
So, if watching all those dance shows on TV has you mesmerized and leaves you wanting to learn to dance, then listen for the rhythm and beats of jazz dance calling out to you.  Learning jazz will give you a chance to express your emotions while giving you an outlet to pour out your feelings, which will leave you feeling lighter and happier.  And an extra added benefit of being more physically fit and toned.  What more could a dance give you, fun and fitness. That is “All that Jazz”.  

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