Hit The Bulls eye With Archery Lessons Posted By Ratna

Hit The Bulls eye With Archery Lessons
Standing with feet wide apart, shoulders squared back, a warm country breeze passing you by, as you get ready to take aim with your bow and arrow.  Archery is not a grueling physical sport, but it does require complete concentration and upper body strength.  It is one of the few sports that will ground you in the present moment, as you forget about everything except for the bow and arrow in your hands.  
I know an elderly woman, of about 75 years old, who is the image of Zen when she engages in archery.  She first positions herself firmly on the ground with a wide stance, with shoulders held back, the bowstring pulled back and the arrow ready to be fired.  She maintains this position for several minutes and as you stand there watching her, she pulls you into the silent space she is occupying.  You can feel the calm and peace descending on you and just as you relax into that space she has pulled you into, she releases the arrow and you get jolted out of your daze and become aware of the arrow hitting the target on the dot.  
Archery is about a calm rhythm of balance and aim.  When you first archery class you will spend the first few lessons learning how to stand, how to hold the bow and how to draw the string back just far enough so that your aim can be perfected.  It is a sport that you can practice in the country, the city and even on horseback, just like you see in your favorite movies or TV shows, like the game of thrones.  A perfect hobby to indulge in that will make you forget your troubles, your tensions and even yourself, as you stand there sideways with a wide stance, relaxed shoulders and the only direction of your gaze is straight ahead focused on your target.  And as you release the arrow from the bow and you watch the arrow piercing the bulls eye target, a satisfaction descends upon you, that is like nothing else you have ever experienced and then you get to do it all over again and experience it anew every single time.  Find best archery classes in pune on classboat.com

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