Hear The Silence Of The Words With Sign Language Posted By Sajeela

Hear The Silence Of The Words With Sign Language
In the news recently, there was a story about a ten-year deaf girl who was communicating with her hearing impaired dog in sign language. What is more fascinating is that the dog understood what was being signed since the little girl was teaching her dog sign language with simple things like, “get the tissues”.  A heart-warming story to read about and hear with so many news stories of war and crime and hate.  
Sign language is not something new and has been around for hundreds of years and is a way of communicating for those who cannot be heard or speak. 

It is also gaining in popularity as a language that is studied in colleges and universities around the world.  If you are not among those for who learning sign language is a necessity, then why should you learn this language?
  • Brain Development – By learning another language, spoken or signed, it enhances your reasoning process, creativity, problem-solving ability and much more.  
  • Communicating with Deaf Babies – Eyes are to a deaf baby what ears are for a baby that can hear.  All baby’s brains develop in the same way, so by communicating with a deaf baby via sign language he/she will pick it up just as a hearing baby would pick up speech.
  • Communicating with animals – we have heard of using sign language in lab experiments to communicate with chimps and gorillas.  
  • Useful in Professions – a useful language for firefighter and police to know, for example.  
  • Other Extra Benefits – You can have a private conversation in public, without anyone knowing what you are saying.  Or sign loudly in a library and nobody will be the wiser.  
Learn sign language today by signing for up classes, whether you have a friend of family member you need to communicate with or want to help those who need to be heard by speaking for them.  A language that will benefit your life in more ways than one.  

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