Have You Experienced Bliss With Hand and Foot Reflexology Posted By Chaitali

Have You Experienced Bliss With Hand and Foot Reflexology
One of the many perks in the previous organization I worked in was the incentive rewards.  These rewards were not always monetary based and included vouchers, gift baskets and one time they had hired a hand/foot masseur and 2 massages were part of the price.  It must’ve been my lucky day because although I was not seriously competing, I happen to win the hand/foot massage, also known as Reflexology.  I received a 20 minute massage.  That was the first time I received a massage of any kind and it was the most divine experience.  I had never felt so relaxed.  All the stress I was feeling and the tensions in my body, which I was unaware of, melted away under the expert hands of my masseuse.  

A simple hand/foot massage can easily relief your stress and tensions since several points on your feet and hand correspond to a part in the body.  By gently applying pressure to these points, the tensions you carry in that part melt away, leaving you in a heavenly relaxed state.  Although, there is no medical or scientific proof that reflexology can cure ailments, the benefits are easily visible after massage. The masseur was a  passout of top reflexology college in mumbai. She advised me to browse classboat.com for reflexology courses in pune for my niece who is interested in making it a career. 
As technology merges increasingly in our lives, so does the stress level we face.  However, as the expendable income of people becomes more, the relief for this stress and tension can be easily relieved by visiting your local spa and receiving a simple 20-30 minute reflexology treatment  making you feel younger and fresher.  Having experienced this state of nirvana, I know the overwhelming gratitude you end up feeling towards the person who brought you to such a state of bliss.  I can only imagine how rewarding a career it must be for the reflexology therapists who embarked on this career path by reflexology courses  and becoming the creators of bliss in the lives of all those they touch with their experienced hands.

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