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Get More Than You Bargained For From Lifeguard Training
If I were to ask you to name a profession, where you have the power to save a life, what would your answer be?  Perhaps a doctor, fireman or police.  These would be your regular answers. But being a lifeguard also means having the power to save a life.  
Maybe, when you hear the term lifeguard, you think of movies with lifeguards who are gorgeous and have beautifully sculpted bodies.  Or maybe you think of the drop dead gorgeous women they rescue.  But being a lifeguard can teach you valuable skills along with having the power to save and guard lives, perhaps even yours.  
I have a friend, who is an excellent swimmer, who took classes to get trained to become a lifeguard.  She would sit at her post at the pool and watch over all the patrons, to make sure they were being safe and watch out for any potentially dangerous situations.  She loved swimming and loved being a lifeguard.  One day, she started getting sick and as the days went by, she got sicker and sicker.  The doctors could not figure out what was wrong and prescribed all kinds of medicines that might help her. But it only resulted in her body being pumped with unnecessary medications and chemicals.  The doctors conducted several tests, but could not figure why she was ill.  Her symptoms were puzzling.  

Within a year, she was hospitalized, for she could barely breathe and had become so weak that she could not walk by herself.  It was a scary situation, one that frightened her family and friends.  After several unfruitful tests, it was finally discovered that she had an unusual fungus growing in her lungs, which was cutting off her oxygen supply.  The oxygen capacity in her lungs was at something ridiculously low like 5 or 10%, which would under normal circumstances be fatal to anyone.  They quickly ran tests around her home and her office to determine the cause and were once again unsuccessful in finding the root cause.  She moved out of her flat and went to live in her childhood home, with her mother again.  
The reason, she was able to miraculously survive, was due to the fact that she had lifeguard training. She was trained to stay underwater for several minutes at a time, expanding the ability of her lungs to survive with lesser amounts of oxygen. This enabled her to survive the strange medical condition she developed.  So, the decision she took to learn to become a lifeguard ended up being not just about saving other people’s lives, but saving her own life in the end.  

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