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Find Out What The Keyboard Will Give You
About five years ago, I decided, on a whim, to learn the keyboard.  I found a keyboard teacher in the area I was living in, a girl of seventeen years, who had been playing the keyboard, piano and guitar since she was a little girl. She was very skilled and was even writing her own music.  For a girl so young, she was a very patient and talented teacher.  Unsurprisingly, she was going to become an elementary school teacher after completing her 12th. Interested in keyboard classes in pune, visit
I started my lessons with her learning the theory first on how to read the notes, I would be playing, for which she conducted oral exams the following session, to make sure I had studied and learned before proceeding to the next level.  I started playing simple tunes, like twinkle twinkle and other nursery rhymes.  I had classes twice a week and I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions.  I would also do the homework and practice diligently at home for at least an hour every day so that I could show her what I learned in the following session.  By starting with the simple tunes, I was able to master the basics and then we moved on to more complex music, with faster beats and tempos.  It was amazing to me, the level to which I was able to get to.  The speed at which my fingers could move over the keys and the fact that I could recall the notes for the piece, from memory, and play it flawlessly.  However, do not be fooled into thinking, I was this brilliant keyboard player.  I was a mediocre student and I studied for two years.  It was only near the end that I was able to get to the speed, which I describe above.  After two years, my teacher had to stop teaching as she was getting busy with her own exams and classes for her future job as a teacher.  So, we parted ways happily and I still have my keyboard in my home, though it is collecting dust. Book a demo at keyboard classes in pune.
Music, is one of the most preferred hobbies for many people, regardless of the instrument you are drawn to.  The keyboard is an easy instrument to learn for those just starting to explore their interest in music.  You can learn popular songs easily from talented teachers, conducting keyboard classes in Pune.  Through this confidence, you can develop your skills further by learning to play more complex and difficult pieces of music and eventually even writing your own music.  So, start your musical journey today, with this simple hobby class of learning the keyboard and see where it takes you.   

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