Experience The Freedom From Learning To Drive Posted By Sheetal

Experience The Freedom From Learning To Drive
When I was younger, I got my learners license so that I could learn to drive.  Why is the need to drive so strong within us, when we are young?  Having access to your own transportation means freedom. The freedom to drive yourself around, without having to wait for an adult or parent to take you where you want to go.  So, just like all the other teenagers, I too was eager to learn to drive.  
My father decided to teach me to drive a car himself so that he could save money.  The very first lesson, I backed the car into something and the car broke down. It was then my father decided perhaps it would be wiser to send me to a driving school and learn from an instructor, thereby saving his car from further damages.  Although originally he had thought he would be saving money, it ended up costing him more to fix the damages to the car, than had he sent me to a driving school, in the first place.  Find best driving classes in pune on classboat.
So, I joined a local driving school and learned to drive from a driving instructor.  She was a patient lady, who soon after teaching me the basics of driving started to relax and chat on her cell phone, while I drove around our neighbourhood.  I took advantage of her distraction and would drive around like an expert driver, ignoring the rules of the road and increasing the speed at which I drove, gradually.  She soon realized what I was doing and her cell phone conversations ceased to exist and I went back to driving like a proper student.  Learn skills for safe driving in driving classes in pune.
As the day approached for my driving exam, I became nervous and agitated.  I was anxious to get my drivers license and I knew how difficult the examiners are on teenagers.  On the day of my exam, I went to the motor vehicle branch to have my test with my parents and instructor and surprisingly I passed the exam.  It turns out, students who learn from a professional from a driving school are more likely to get their license than those who don’t.  So, it was a good thing I crashed my dad’s car on that first lesson because it was only after that, he sent me to best driving classes in pune which got me my driver’s license and the freedom I was longing for.  

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