Evolution Of Animation From Snow White to Toy Story to Frozen Posted By Rosa

Evolution Of Animation From Snow White to Toy Story to Frozen
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the first animated movie, in the history of films, was released in 1937 by Walt Disney.  Over 50 years later, the studio released its first computer-animated film, under Pixar, Toy Story in 1995, which made over $190 million in North America and $362 million worldwide.  The Disney movie. Frozen, which was released last year earned over $1000 billion worldwide.  

The world of animated movies has come a long way, since its birth in the 30’s.  You no longer have movies that portray fairy tale endings that give children unreal expectations of the world.  Take a look at last year’s release, Frozen, in which, the true love spell that broke the curse, was not that of the hero/prince, but rather the love shared between two sisters.   By entering into a career in animated movies today by joining
animation courses in pune, you will be part of changing history, where children are taught to take care of themselves and love themselves instead of waiting for prince charming to come and love and save them.  But, animation is not just making children’s animated movies, it includes background graphics and animations seen in movies such as Transformers, Xmen, Avatar and much more.  Furthermore, it also includes the animations in recent video game releases, such as Halo, Overwatch or StarCraft 2. Acquire best training in the new technologies in animation for a successful and rewarding career in Animation at animation colleges in pune and animation colleges in Mumbai

By entering into this field, the levels your imagination can soar to is limitless.  By enrolling in animation courses in pune and animation courses in Mumbai you are opening the doors to animation studios worldwide, that you can possibly have a successful career in.  Although many animated movies are made for children, it is by no means child’s play.  The software that you will need to learn, developing your drawing skills, your computer graphics skills and of course, unleashing the power of your creative imagination.  Envisioning and creating places that don’t exist on Earth, giving life to characters and setting a story in motion that will win over the hearts of children and adults alike.  Start a career in animation and keep your inner child and imagination alive.  By, learning animation you get to be one of the few lucky adults whose jobs will allow them to remain a kid. Find animation institute in pune and animation institute in Mumbai on classboat.com

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