Capture Life By Learning To Draw Life Posted By Rupali

Capture Life By Learning To Draw Life
Sketches, drawings, and paintings are the things one learns about in an art class. Learning to sketch, which leads to the drawing which gives you the final product, the painting, which is the masterpiece.  Exploring your artistic potential means exploring these areas and developing your skills as an artist.  But there are sketches, done by great artists of the past, which have become priceless and are masterpieces on their own.  It is not just the painting, the final product, which is the masterpiece, but any one of these skills can make you a talented artist.  
If you were to ask an artist to see their sketchbook, more than likely, they would be hesitant.  Drawings in an artists’ sketchbook are something that is truly personal and private.  It is like asking to enter their own world where their thoughts and feelings are out in the open, in the form of their drawings.  The greatest and most successful artists are those who pour themselves, their experiences and their stories into their paintings, which is probably why many artists are very sensitive beings.  You start by outlining a sketch of what it is you want to say and then complete the sketch into a drawing, a solid representation of your work.  Then the paint, which adds color and life, making it a masterpiece that is ready to be displayed, judged and criticized by the world.  It is a nerve-racking experience filled with satisfaction.  The joy that descends upon you when you finish your final product, the painting, which has captured exactly what you wanted to say and convey, is possibly the same for all artists, with slightly varying differences.  
The process of becoming an artist is to start exploring your artistic potential, by starting to learn to sketch, then taking a drawing class to learn how to draw perfectly, then moving forward to paint.  Whether you are a hobby artist or a professional one, it matters little.  The skills and techniques you can learn in a drawing class will help you develop your talent so that you can create that final product, which gives you a sense of fulfillment and manages to capture the viewer’s heart.  The things you put into your sketchbook, are the stepping stones for your path on the journey to becoming an artist.  A sketchbook, you can use to pour your feelings and thoughts and convert them into drawings.  So, what kind of drawings do you want to put in your sketchbook?  

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