Break your vocal barriers! Posted By Shruti

Break your vocal barriers!
Disappointed with your limited vocal range? Worry no-more. Break through your vocal barriers using these proven singing techniques, and before you know it you will be singing higher and lower in no time. Pinpointing your natural Singing range. Dreaming of becoming a singer, visit singing classes in pune today.

Typically, the most common singing ranges are: soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, and bass. Most men fall into the bottom 3 ranges and most women fall into the top 3. Using a Piano or keyboard, begin with singing a middle C with the normal tone of your voice. This will help you identify you natural range. Sing moving down the scale in half steps until you can’t sing low notes very easily. Now return to middle C and do the same exercise only moving up the scale until you get to high notes you can no longer sing comfortably. Natural soprano’s can easily sing notes at middle C to high A. Natural alto’s easily sing notes between G3 – F5. Tenor’s comfortably hit notes from C3 – A4. Baritones range between G2 – F4. Bass prefer F2 – E4. Once you have pinpointed your natural singing range, you can start to set goals for pushing past your barriers. Always Practice. offers listing of good singing classes in pune as well as singing classes in mumbai

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