Become A Pool Shark In The Game Of Billiards Posted By Amit

Become A Pool Shark In The Game Of Billiards
Many years ago, my engagement party was held at the clubhouse in our society.  The club house was a beautiful place that many people chose to have small gatherings or small parties like we did.  In the clubhouse, there was a beautifully crafted pool table.  My, then future husband, and his friends all joined in a game of pool.  I was no expert at the game and had only played it once before at a staff party, where another equally handsome gentleman friend tried to teach me the game.  
During my engagement party, my husband and his friends tried to teach the game to me, as well, and they soon realized I was heavily lacking in hand-eye coordination.  So, they simply just moved the balls into the pockets, whenever my husband was not looking and so, therefore, I beat my husband at the game.  That went on for a few rounds and my husband didn’t mind letting me win since it was all in fun.  Then they all decided to play for serious.  It was then that I saw the real talent of my husband for the game.  He played brilliantly and with a level of serious concentration, and I fell even more in love with him.  Intelligence, is of course, attractive to every woman.  He had learned to master the techniques to the game, simply by practicing over the years during his college days and having, what I lacked in, which was great hand-eye coordination.
At present, in Pune, there are, however, classes to teach you the game, if you wish to learn the techniques to mastering the game of billiards.  
Billiards or Pool, as it is more commonly known today, has been around for centuries and indulged in by the men of each era.  Today, however, it is not only men who enjoy this game.  It is a game that is enjoyed by both men and women of all ages.  So join a class and develop your skills and learn cueing techniques so that the next social gathering you attend, where there is a game of pool involved, you will come out the winner.

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