Are You Ready To Learn The Instrument That Is As Old As Time? Posted By Anu

Are You Ready To Learn The Instrument That Is As Old As Time?
It is believed that the modern man has been on Earth for about 10000 years.  But did you know that this tiny instrument, the flute, which is powerful enough to produce the most heavenly music, has been dated back as far as 43000 years ago?  Music seems to have been a long part of our history, especially the flute.  With its origins dating back to present day Germany, this woodwind instrument has been a part of Indian classical music since 1500 BC, including the depictions of our beloved deity Krishna.  
I had no idea the flute had such a history. My only encounter with flute music is the CD I have, which has one track of a flutist playing for one hour straight.  The music demonstrates the talent and skill of the player because every time I hear this one track, no matter how crazy my day has been or the number of things on my mind, the music has the capacity to bring me back down to Earth and helps me fall into myself and relax into that space, where the only things that exist are me and the silence created by the music of the flute.   The proof of the flutist’s talent lies in her ability to transfer me to such a heavenly place.  A true musician, like any artist, disappears into their art and all that is left to see or hear is the end product, which in this case is the celestial music.  While creating this harmonious track, she must have been in a place of deep silence, where she ceased to exist and what remained was for the music, which came from a higher power, to be expressed through her, as the vessel.  Any true artist will understand perfectly what it is to disappear and to feel the power of God or Godliness, a higher power, whatever you want to call it.  It is no longer you expressing yourself through your art, but the universe pouring out through your chosen art medium.  
If you are an individual who has a deep desire for music and is searching for the perfect instrument to pour themselves into, then the flute, which is as old as time, might be perfect for you.  Join a flute classes in pune and start learning the skills and develop your mastery of this instrument, which will be the foundations for you to build on as you learn the art of letting the music play through you, instead of the other way around.  If you can manage to master this, then you are a truly gifted musician.  
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