Are You Ready For Dandiya This Navratri? Posted By Rosa

Are You Ready For Dandiya This Navratri?
Gujarat, a state rich in heritage and culture, a rich variety of delicious foods, happy people and dandiya.  Wherever you find Gujarati's you fill find a vibrant colourful dandiya dance group, whether it is in India, Canada, United Kingdom or the US.  A traditional folk dance that is colorful and performed by cheerful people.  This famous Gujarati dance has spread across India and interwoven itself into celebrations around the country and is a favourite dance especially during the Navratri season, which is soon approaching.
There are several places in Pune that hold special dandiya events during Navratri.  My society and the ones neighboring nearby where I live hold a special dandiya dance event every year followed by a lavish buffet dinner.  Both children and adults alike look forward to this event and prepare by choosing their costumes, jewelry and of course learning the dance.  Originally, the dance was used to educate people about the Navratri festival and its importance. Today, however, it has become so widespread and popular that it has turned into a glam event, where people gather in lavish costumes, eat rich foods and come in a mood to party and dance.  What was once a quiet gathering in every nook and corner, has turned into a huge affair. But despite this change, it is still a loved and favourite dance of the people during the holiday.  
So, if you are among the many people who have stood by and watched the festivities happen before your eyes without participating, now you can join in on the celebrations.  With the increase in the popularity of the dance, it has created a need for learning the dance. Hence, there are several dance classes across Pune that will teach you how to dance the dance of dandiya.  So that this year you can join in with your own colorful costumes and dance amongst your friends and family in happiness and cheer. 

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