An Adventure That Is Waiting For You In Travel and Tourism Posted By Saran

An Adventure That Is Waiting For You In Travel and Tourism
When I think of the Travel and Tourism industry, the first thing that comes to my mind is the dying field of travel agents.  Today, anyone can book their tickets, holiday packages online easily and I have done this also.  My husband and I booked our beach vacation online.  We researched everything online and then booked our tickets and hotel. It was so easy.  So, the term travel and tourism consists of so much more, doesn’t it?  The flights, the restaurants, the hotels, the cruise ships, etc.
So, what kind of careers can you have in this field that is full of travel, adventure and meeting all kinds of people?  Perhaps you have a dream of becoming a pilot or an air hostess.  Or working in the cruise line industry or maybe even in hotels, working at the front desk, as a chef or becoming a manager. Visit travel & tourism courses in pune today. The only industry that you can be guaranteed to meet people from all walks of life, each different from one another.  But before you choose to embark down this career path, you should know about the advantages and disadvantages of working in this industry:
  • Travel – See new places and have new adventures
  • Every day different – Not your routine job with repetitive tasks.  New people, new situations, new places
  • Rewarding – Tourism industry is about people and the satisfaction of helping people.
  • Meeting new people – Deal with different customers from around the world and get to know about their lives and cultures.  
  • Different Languages – regardless of your area, you are bound to meet people from around the  
  • Less structure – need to be flexible in timings and ready to work outside the regular 9-5 hrs
  • Away from your family – If you choose to enter in the cruise or flight sectors
  • Frequent flying – if you are working in airports or flights then you’re life is literally up in the air and the physical fatigue from being in different time zones.  
So, you measure the pros and cons and decide if this the field you want to enter into and if you do, then find the right travel & tourism courses in pune and start learning to start your exciting career in travel and tourism.

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