What Does The Painting Of Mona Lisa Say To You? Posted By Annalakshmi

What Does The Painting Of Mona Lisa Say To You?
I’ve always wanted to go to the Louvre, the museum, in Paris, France and see the famous Mona Lisa in person or perhaps a Van Gogh painting.  I have always wondered what it would be like to see great masterpieces live in person, instead of a replica.  Can a person really get lost in the painting?  Are there paintings that speak differently to each of its viewers or has a unique secret to share with each individual art lover?
Till recently, I never did understand how people could see things in paintings.  The idea was alien to me until I happen to look at a painting of one of my dear friends and it spoke to me and I saw things in it, which completely surprised me.  I believe that a true artist does, in fact, convey messages to the audience.  Each artist, when he/she discovers the ability to completely let go and lose themselves in their painting, then there is something that is silently expressed by the artist that only a person who is seeking to hear it can see it.  
This is why artists are probably known to be eccentric.  As you stand there before the canvas with your brush and paint ready, something of the otherworldly passes through you and you get inspired and as if by magic, the brushstrokes meet the canvas with paint and a story unfolds before your very eyes, that even the artist is unaware of.  The picture that is waiting to be expressed gets told through the talented hands of the painter.  
Painting can be easily learned in a class.  You can learn the techniques and styles used by every painter.  A painting class where you can learn the basics to build upon your skills with further classes, until you discover your ability and talent for it.  Once you have mastered the techniques to painting, then that is the precise moment you forget whatever you were taught and let go in trust and watch the painting emerge through the guidance of your expert hands, with no forethought as to what it is you want to paint.  When you are able to transcend to this level, you ARE an artist, a truly gifted painter.  

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