What Are You Learning From Animated Films? Posted By Ankita

What Are You Learning From Animated Films?
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Yesterday night, I was sitting with my husband having dinner and watching the animated movie Frozen.  I know most people think animated movies are for children, but my husband and I both love animated films.  You would be surprised how many lessons you can draw from animated films and apply to real life.  Many of the characters in animated films struggle to break through societal conditioning, parental expectations and struggle to boldly lead their life according to their hearts desire.  The courage displayed by the characters teaches children from a young age to seek out what makes them happy and pursue their passions, despite objections they might face from family, friends and society.  A lesson that needs to be adopted more frequently, by the young, in a world filled with a majority of the population opposed to change.,  

I’ve often wondered why so many passionate individuals are met with opposition when trying to follow their heart both in there life and career   Although, a small percentage of parents respect the needs of their children and support their decisions to pursue their dreams, many children still struggle and often end up compromising their own happiness, thus  making themselves unhappy and living a life filled with regret and ending in bitterness.  A bitterness, which they throw on their children, their friends, family and others they encounter.  Alarming as it may be, it is a reality many young people face, which alters their future, to tread down this sad path. However, amongst this majority, there are optimists who see the silver lining in their situation and somehow manage to live happily and ensure their children have the options that were not available to them.  Additionally, there is also a group, who later in life are given the chance to pursue their passions and change the course of their life.  But, both groups of individuals are small in number, which make it difficult for change to happen in our society and at a slower rate.  

If there is one thing in life that is a constant, it is change.  If we can all learn from a young age to accept this reality that is ever changing, then the regular and traditional conditioning that we have all been brought up with to follow and believe in till date, has the chance to change on a much bigger scale.  And a great way to impart this lesson onto the young and even the older generation is through funny and 
heartwarming animated films, with stories that move us towards change.  A beautiful example of a change that we can all embrace is the courage to love.  As much as we all long for love, deep down we fear it.  The vulnerability that love brings forth prevents us from opening our hearts completely and exposing ourselves to our beloved.  There have been very few people I have come across that are brave enough to be completely vulnerable and expressing themselves without fear.  A fear of not being accepted, understood and rejected.  The surprising thing that each person ,who has been fearless, has found is that when they were brave enough to boldly express themselves, they found it was received well , not ridiculed and nor was it a humiliating experience, which gave them the strength to continue being open. As a result they also became more accepting of those around them.  Just as Elsa in Frozen,the Animated Film  discovers that the key to her power is not being closed and afraid, but to embrace her special ability with love and acceptance, which in turn makes her bleak world transform into a blissful paradise, where she is re-united with her sister Anna.  
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