The Perfectly Designed Fashions Creating Magic Posted By Pallavi

The Perfectly Designed Fashions Creating Magic
As children so many factors/players determine the direction our life takes and even our daily activities.   As we age, we start to think independently and voice our opinions and thoughts, sometimes upsetting those around us with our different perspectives.  We strive to stay in control of our lives, so that we are the creators of our own destiny.  However, life, as many know, doesn’t cater to your plans and throws curve balls often.  If you are lucky, life will throw you the best kind of surprise by bringing a person into your life, that you were not expecting who was definitely not a part of your plans. Moreover, if you are brave enough you will allow this person to enter your life and heart to change you in ways you never knew possible and discover yourself in the process.

As you start spending time with this individual and getting to know about their life, their character, their personality, their habits etc, you find yourself slowly starting to lose your heart to the individual.  So, when that time comes and he makes his move and asks you out on your first date, you are filled with butterflies in your stomach due to excitement, nervousness and fear.   You pray this next step is right and it goes well because he has managed to capture your heart without your knowledge and if things don’t go well, you know your whole world will become dark.  

So, this next first step is crucial and everything must be perfect.  So, you raid your closet trying to find the perfect outfit to wear only to discover  “I have nothing to wear”!  Quickly, you call your friends and drag them to the mall to find the outfit that is in your head.  You drag your friends from store to store and since your friends love you, they bear the torture and wait while you go in and out of change rooms trying on outfit after outfit.  So, when you finally step out with a radiant smile on your face because you found your perfect dress, your friends are thrilled for you and also grateful that it’s finally all over. 

Now that the 
perfect dress, shoes and accessories are all ready, the only remaining thing to do is, wait for the day of your first date.  Even though you already know each other, you are still a bundle of nerves as you wait anxiously for the day to arrive, spending the time lost in thoughts of him.  You wonder how this person, who is like nobody you have ever met, happen to walk into your life and take it over completely.  With so many memories of him embedded in your mind and heart you spend the days up to the first date floating on air in excitement and anticipation.  

When the day finally comes, you pour hours into getting ready making sure you look perfect, even though he has seen you hundreds of times before. But somehow you know this time, when he sees you it will be different.  And as you step out to meet him, you know all the effort was worth it because when you meet his eyes and read his expression, the magic that fills the air calms all your nerves and you know everything will be ok. 

With so many factors playing a role in creating this magic moment shared the by two individuals, I’m sure the fashion designer never thought about how much their design would merge seamlessly into the crucial moments of a person’s life.   And since the fashion designer’s outfit played a vital role in making that magical moment happen they will have a created a fan of their fashion designs, where she will turn to their designs/boutique to find the next perfect outfit for another perfect moment in her life.  I’m sure aspiring fashion design students never imagined that something as simple as deciding to follow their dreams and pursuing their passion by joining 
fashion designing courses in pune could impact the lives of individuals in such a tremendous and personal way.  

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