Some People Feel The Rain, While Others Simply Get Wet Posted By Suvasini

Some People Feel The Rain, While Others Simply Get Wet
The rainy season is here and with it hot and crispy kanda bajji, vada pav, pakoda and spicy corn.  The very first rains of the season awaken the desire inside me for hot pakodas and a nice hot cup of tea to sit with inside and watch the drizzle outside.  As I sit there and watch the rain drench the trees and plants around my neighborhood, I feel like joining them and letting the rain pour down upon me as well.  And quite often, I do end up going out on my balcony and letting the rain cover me head to toe as I dance happily in celebration of the first rains.  
The thing I love most about the rainy season is the things indulge in such as walking in the rain. My exercise routine every morning, includes a brisk thirty-minute walk.  And when the rains come, I do not stop.  I love the feel of the cool rain hitting my skin, which has heated up from the workout.  Combine the feel of the rain and the cool breeze that passes thru me like the softest silk caressing me and I am in heaven.  A heaven on Earth.  And the thing I love the most after these walks is having something hot to eat or drink in my hands.  The rainy season is the perfect time to indulge in for learning all kinds of hobbies.
The kinds of hobbies I indulge in vary from playing my keyboard, embroidery, cooking and much more.  My husband loves to take out his camera and snap photos of this beautiful season.  So, what do you love to do inside while it is raining outside?   Make good use of the time and learn something new that will make sitting inside watching the rain more comforting.  Such as learning painting or drawing. You can sit inside your home and watch the rain while you take your time to depict it on your sketchbook or paint it on the canvas before you. There are hundreds of hobbies you can indulge in to make this rainy reason a more memorable one.  

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