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Sarvang Yog For Your Body, Mind & Soul
Hanging upside from the ceiling, standing on your head, awkward positions, that make you wonder how is that even possible; these are the things we think of when we hear the word yoga.  We might have even heard about some of the benefits of yoga such as healthier living and being physically fit.  But do you know why exactly yoga is healthy for you and why it was derived?

Yoga was derived for the common man as a technique to aid in self-realization. By adopting various positions and practicing various breathing techniques, the toxins and negative energies stored in your body get released. Thereby making you feel more relaxed, fresher and healthier.  As you practice these various asanas, you are flexing and contracting specific muscles, which in return gives you a physically fit look. With practice over time, you not only become physically fit but healthier also.  The many health benefits of these asanas are that there are those that are specific for curing common illnesses of today, such as high BP, thyroid conditions, diabetes and much more. Without, going to the doctor and taking chemical medicines, you can cure your ailments naturally with yoga therapy.

Where Can I Take Yoga Classes?
There are many yoga classes in Pune that you can choose from, depending on the convenience of location, timings etc.  Sarvang Yoga, yoga school, recently started by Uma Deshmukh, a trained yoga instructor, is a good choice for those seeking alternative methods for healing.  Here, Uma can guide you through the asanas designed to help you be free of your ailments.  With care and special individual attention, you can practice these gentle exercises and feel the tensions and soreness melting away, relaxing your body and mind.  With your body and mind relaxed, join in the group meditations, Uma offers as part of her school.  A complete school for your body, mind and soul.
Apart from this if Any one interested in the following spiritual activities can approach too
*mantra diksha
*Havan diksha
*shreesukt pathan

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