How To Realize Your Own Self Worth? Posted By Nivedita

How To Realize Your Own Self Worth?
I am sure many of you have seen the movie, English Vinglish and if you haven’t, please go and see it now.  Sri Devi does an amazing job of portraying what it is to be a housewife, mother, and woman in today’s society.  She does not have the respect of her children nor husband, even though she lives for them and loves them dearly.  They make jokes about her and treat her as if she is unintelligent, which she, of course, is not, just because she does not speak English.  This portrayal could not be any truer and I am sure many women and even men can relate to being treated in this manner.
So, what are you supposed to do?  Are you only intelligent if you can speak English?  The movie outlines and provides the best solution to this problem that many face in our country.  In the movie, Sri Devi starts taking english classes and in doing so, she finds a new self-confidence that arises within her.  Her self-esteem increases and she realizes her own self-worth.  This is not because she can speak English, NO.  It is because she learned to speak it and proved to her family that she was as capable as them, If not more because she displayed courage in facing her fears.  She set out alone and found her voice and confidence, not in the language , but in the experience of simply facing her fears and taking the first step to believing in herself and learning, what she was told by her husband and children, that she could not do.  
Discover your own voice and self-worth, just as Sri Devi does in the movie. Take those english classes in pune that seem to define who you are.  But remember, you are already intelligent and talented.  It is just the world who places more value on the language, than the person.  Join english classes in pune and know your talent and your potential that was always there.  

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