Don’t Just Eat, Nourish Your Body With Proper Diet n Nutrition Posted By Malar

Don’t Just Eat, Nourish Your Body With Proper Diet n Nutrition
Hear the word, “diet” and you probably think of starving yourself or cutting back on your meals and eating tasteless foods.  But the original meaning of the word diet is something entirely different.  It means the foods and drinks a person consumes daily for nourishing the body.  However, many of us, today, don’t just eat the foods required for nourishing the body, we eat for our moods also.  Some foods make us feel better when we are sad, like ice creams and chocolates. While we want something crunchy, like chips, when we are angry.  
What then is nutrition?  Nutrition is “a good diet”.  Foods that nourish our body, while being healthy also.  So nutrition involves not just foods, but also accounts for our state of mind and emotions, which are linked to our lives with our friends, family, career etc.  So nutrition is a much broader term involving our small worlds and how it impacts the kind of diet we follow.  If we are in a happy state of mind, then we are more likely to eat healthy foods, whereas we consume junk foods if we are unhappy or angry.      

So, how do we manage to eat healthy if diet and nutrition are about more than just the foods we consume?  You can do your research on the internet or talk to a specialist, a nutritionist perhaps, who can outline a healthy diet for you.  Not just prescribe foods that are healthy for you and your body, but also ways to get rid of those sad or angry emotions, through exercise routines that will get rid of the negative energies/toxins in our body, contributing to a happier and more relaxed you. The job of a nutritionist is a truly rewarding one, where he/she is involved in helping people live better and healthier.  But, if you have trouble finding such an expert, then do not worry because there are also classes where you can learn about proper diet and nutrition so that you can maintain a healthy and relaxed lifestyle.  You can take classes that can teach you about cooking foods that are healthier and tasty, that you and your family can enjoy.  There are also plenty of fitness classes available in and around Pune, that you can enroll in that are close to your home, thereby taking care of both your body and mind and consequently living a healthier and more relaxed life.  

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