Do You Need A Formula For Life Or Will You Live? Posted By Annalakshmi

Do You Need A Formula For Life Or Will You Live?
What is the point of living if you don’t live? What is life anyway, but a sum of all of our experiences; the good and bad ones and the failures and successes.  Think back to the first time you heard someone tell you not to touch fire because it will burn.  Did you listen?  Or did you try to touch the flame and learn for yourself that it is hot and it does, in fact, burn and hurt like hell?  So, where did this trend of formulas for life come from?
There are so many articles and blog posts on how to find happiness in five easy steps, for example, and such similar posts.  I mean how can you possibly find YOUR happiness in five easy steps.  What is right for one person generally means it won’t be for the next.  Why are we becoming so obsessed with finding formulas and rules for living?  What happened to just living and yes, you make mistakes, but those mistakes are the foundations of your character.  They are life lessons that you would not have learned were it not for the chance you took.  Yes, some risk and chances end up in failure, but the lessons are what you take away from them. Also, if you think about it, I’m sure that some of the chances and risks you took were also successful.  So, where would you be today, if you didn’t take them?
    The world IS a chaotic mess, filled with crimes, hate and war.  In such troubling and unsure times, we naturally want some kind of structure and balance, but there is no reason to hide under a rock and stop living.  In such uncertain times, what is needed more than ever is for you to add some cheer and happiness to your life.  This is what will brighten your world and give you the support you are longing for.  For example, why not turn your love for yoga and become a yoga instructor.  Start teaching yoga in your society on a part-time basis and see what happens. Maybe you will fail at it or maybe you will be successful and find out how much happier you are by sharing what you know with others.  Or maybe, you take the guitar classes you have always wanted to but were afraid to, for some reason.  Take me for example, I took keyboard classes, only to find out after two years of trying, that I had no talent for it. But I have never thought that I should not have taken it because those times I spent learning are some of my happiest memories. Or perhaps, you are a mother, who has put one some weight after childbirth and think it’s too late or you are feeling embarrassed to start taking exercise classes, such as Zumba.  Why not?  Take the chance and take the class and see if your fears were reasonable?  Face your fears because a courageous person is not one who is fearless, but one who sees the fear and goes forth anyways.  
So, don’t seek out formulas and rules for living, instead, go out and live.  Do everything you heart desires and learn everything you want.  Because by doing so, you will be living on your own terms, by your own rules that were decided by your heart, not what you read somewhere online by some unknown person, such as this blog you are reading right now.  Ironic, isn’t it?  

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